Wednesday, May 17, 2017

American Culture

In this unit we learned about American culture and how it has changed through the years. We also looked at the vast differences in our culture as well. For example, in "The Lost Boys", a film crew followed refugees that moved from South Sudan to America, and captured their experience assimilating to american culture. They explained that American culture was much more focused on individualism and didn't spend as much time with friends and family. This mindset has both pros and cons to it. One pro is, America's work ethic is the reason it is the most developed country on earth. However, a con is that we get caught up in our jobs too much and ignore the positive relationships in our life. Due to human nature, good relationships with friends and family is the only way to stay sane during our busy lives. I like to keep good relationships in my life so when one thing isn't going my way, I have people to count on to help me through it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


A few members of my family live up in the great white north in Canada. When we go to visit them it usually leads to some pretty interesting stories. First going up there surprisingly offered a large culture shock for me. For example, one night after dinner my  great-grandmother licked her plate after finishing her dessert. This is obviously not a norm for us in the United States and I found it pretty amusing. Also I learned about different holidays, like Boxing Day, that the U.S. Doesn't have. Boxing Day is a day after Christmas and is essentially Black Friday sale prices. Everyone gets to the stores to either spend Christmas money or buy presents for next year. This was a new holiday and I would love to go up and enjoy it again. Also a well known phrase said by Canadians which is "eh." This is used in a question so you would essentially be asking "right?" This is a part of Canadian lingo and is used everyday. These are two examples of how Canadian culture is a little bit different from America.


Before I took sociology I thought race was biological and then Mr. Sal taught us it was not. Race is more of a spectrum. I like to connect with the idea that we are all the human race. We should all help eacother with expectations of the other person to do the same. A very long time ago we started from the same place, which was Africa. Humans are all alike genetically in many ways and should keep this in mind at all times. Respect has been missin in our world now a days and I feel like if all races were treated with the same respect, we would do amazing things. I also realized that it helps being white and a male in today's society because it doesn't draw as much discrimination. It will get you farther in certain things which should end immediately. All races should be treated equally in our society.

Community service experience

For my community service hours, I was lucky enough to work all 10 hours with the Chicago Special Hawks program for kids with special needs. My coach, a few teammates, and I all skated with and coached the kids various nights throughout the season. It may sound like we were only teaching the kids hockey, however, they taught all of us a lot about ourselves. These were some of my favorite nights of the year because I have never been around a happier group of people. The kids all played for the love of the game and this was very inspirational to me and my hockey career right now. I made lifelong friends through this experience and it will always be nice to have such positivity in my life when things aren't going my way in junior hockey out east. They taught me to love the game and to appreciate everything that I work for in my hockey career. This experience reminded me of learning about having a sociological imagination. Before class I did not know what that means, thankfully to Mr. Sal, we talked about this. I incorporated it into caching and realized my actions have a huge impact on this group of kids because they look up to me. They all were huge fans of the Blackhawks and hadn't watched our level of hockey. When they saw us they were all amazed and instantly looked at us as role models in a sense. I loved this role because I love sharing my passion with people. This was a perfect opportunity to not only teach but also talk to other huge hockey fans. Some of them teased me for being a Minnesota Wild fan. This made me laugh and I loved joking around with the kids. Overall it had a huge positive impact on my life and driving home from the last scrimmage, I told my mom "those were some of the best nights in my life."

We had scrimmages 2 times a week for 5 weeks, starting in Febuary and ending in March. I will send Mr. Sal pictures from the last scrimmage and a pizza party!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


In class we learned about the different classes of wealth and income. We learned about the cycle of poverty and how it is hard for a person in the lower class to move up the ladder. We read a story in class called "Nickel and Dime'd." This story was about a woman working on minimum wage. We also watched a movie called "The Line" about poverty around different parts of the country. It was interesting to hear from so many people who all live a different life than we do at SHS. Although some of poverty is uncontrollable and unfair, like for example the Louisiana fisherman who lost all his money after hurricane Katrina devastated the ecosystem. I feel, however, that some other examples of poverty, like in the inner cities, can be made much better than they are right now. In my opinion, education is a huge problem in the country right now. If we were to build better infrastructure and fix the school system, it will give inner city kids more purpose and will get them off the streets. This may even help the reduce the violence and gang activity in these areas as well. This is only one small solution to a big problem, hopefully we can all work together as citizens of this great nation to one day put an end to impoverished families.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


In this unit in class we examined how masculinity affects males and how femininity affects females. Our society is mainly the reason these stigmas are attached and some of them are leading to danger. Because of masculinity in this country some boys have turned to shooting up schools just to get everyone's attention as a last resort. We watched the film in class Tough Guise2 and the narrator explained that the overwhelming majority of mass shooters are boys or young men. His theory was they get bullied for something small and try to get help and attention through emotions. However, our society doesn't take them seriously and they feel that the only way to be taken seriously is through a mass shooting. They are wrong but it is usually too late to tell them and help them. I, however, disagree with some of the things he said in the video. For example, to hockey's defense it is a part of the games history and should never be take out. Hockey is a very violent sport and many guys make a dumb decision and take a run at a guy from behind or throw an elbow. The only thing to keeps him in check is the enforcer on the other team. Enforcers and fighting are actually keeping the game safer then it would be without them. Although masculinity has led to violence in places where violence should never happen, there are times where a small amount is needed, just like the personal example I provded.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blog post 4

We have learned a lot about socialization so far in this unit. Two key terms that we have learned about are agents of socialization and also we argued Nature Vs. Nurture. Nature versus nurture are two very different ways of looking at socialization. Nature means that you were born with certain traits and characteristics and you were never taught them. It is more biological. Nurture means that your parents and family had a bigger impact on your characteristics and is more about your upbringing. A good example of how nurture matters to kids is the video with Danielle. She suffered from extreme neglect for almost 6 years. When she was rescued by police and adopted by a family, she was almost like a wild animal. She had no idea how to interact with people and had no way to care for herself. This is an example of why nurture can make a big difference. This is also an example of agents of socialization with family. One last real world example is marketing with kids. Marketers who focus mostly on products for children will try something called the "Cradle to Grave" technique. This is when they draw an attachment to a young child or baby and keep that relationship until that until the day that individual dies. This is an example of how marketers can also play a role and is an Agent of Socialization.