Wednesday, May 17, 2017

American Culture

In this unit we learned about American culture and how it has changed through the years. We also looked at the vast differences in our culture as well. For example, in "The Lost Boys", a film crew followed refugees that moved from South Sudan to America, and captured their experience assimilating to american culture. They explained that American culture was much more focused on individualism and didn't spend as much time with friends and family. This mindset has both pros and cons to it. One pro is, America's work ethic is the reason it is the most developed country on earth. However, a con is that we get caught up in our jobs too much and ignore the positive relationships in our life. Due to human nature, good relationships with friends and family is the only way to stay sane during our busy lives. I like to keep good relationships in my life so when one thing isn't going my way, I have people to count on to help me through it.

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